Custom Projects


VSR Products offers both custom designing and production services. We are here to help you get your idea to a physical piece. No job is too small, and we want everyone to have access to easy and affordable 3D Design and Printing services! We strongly believe in the affordability, simplicity, and efficiency of 3D Printing and we want to share that with you.  Fill out the Contact Us form with the details of your project and we will get back to you with further information.


We look forward to hearing all the cool ideas you have!

What do you have in mind?

  • Do you have an idea for something you wish was made? 
  • Do you have a school or personal project you would like 3D printed, but don't have a printer available? 
  • Have a prototype you are looking to get 3D Printed to prove its design and to test prior to committing to costly machining? 
  • Have you found a cool file online from a website like that you would like to have printed?