How it's Made


We stay ahead of the game by coming up with innovative and unique products, all while listening to racers for ideas we beleive are worth producing.


All VSR parts are designed in state-of-the-art CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, and optimized for ultimate performance.


Every VSR part gets tested in race vehicles for durability and performance. Each part is redesigned and modified as many times as necessary until we beleive it is fit for production.


VSR Products are 3D printed using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). They are printed in materials such as PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and PETG.


Once we have a design that we approve of, and a material that matches the demands of the part, we release the item to the racers!


From Idea to Production

Most of our products came to be from a question. 


"I wonder what this would do?" 

"What if we did this?" 

"How can we make this better?"


Ultimately, our company is driven my one unifying question, one goal:

How can we go faster?